CHOPSUEY – Story of Your Life – Starring: Piolo Pascual, Andrea Del Rosario, Dimples Romana, Krista Ranillo, Alvin Asuncion and Joshua Deocareza – Philippine Movie DVD. No Regional Coding. Plays on ALL DVD Players Worldwide. <> Directed by: Catherine Orfinada-Camarillo <> Movie Description: The film gives us a glimpse of four Chinese siblings yearning to be free from the dictates of their dead ancestors, beliefs and traditions. But emotion gets in the way, defying all rules and keeping the family ties will soon lead them in finding their true identity. Jimmy Wong, the eldest and the only brother, is the breadwinner. He was deserted by his chinese bride on their wedding day which triggers his depression mood. He has locked himself in the four corners of his room. He has totally neglected their family business and his sisters. Annette Wong, a licensed Civil Engineer, seductive, intelligent. She has plans of reuniting with a lesbian lover abroad but Jimmy’s condition prevented her from doing so. Will she ever escape her disfunctional family? Claire Wong-Chua, a plain housewife, a mother with simple dreams. She deserted her boyfriend to obey the wishes of her grandmother to marry a Chinese man. Can she fight for her right to be herself? Lelie Wong, a rebel and spoiled brat. She chose a Filipino boyfriend to spite her sisters. What does the future bring for her?

Three Fellas

Three inseparable friends who called themselves the “No Touch Gang” could fight better than anyone else in their neighborhood. Jung Kwon, the best fighter of the three, leads a life of crime and serves time in prison. He returns to his old neighborhood when he is released, only to discover that his simple hometown it is now overrun by dangerous mafia and criminals. Can the No Touch Gang reclaim their old turf or are they getting themselves in way over their heads?

Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is the story of Eikichi Onizuka, an unorthodox high school teacher whose decidedly unusual teaching methods make him a hero to the kids, but a menace to the establishment. Conceived as a Japanese manga by Toru Fujisawa, the saga of Great Teacher Onizuka achieved phenomenal success in Japan, spawning an animated television series, a twelve-episode TV drama, and a TV special. Finally, in late 1999, the braintrust of Fuji TV brought us GTO: The Movie, which is what this review happens to be about.

The Sixth Man

Antoine and Kenny Tyler are NCAA college basketball players, and Antoine is the star. Suddenly Antoine dies of heart attack and Kenny has to fill his shoes as leader of team. Some time later, Antoine returns as a ghost and helps Kenny in game and in life, but Kenny changes in the process and doesn't quite like it.

Saints and Soldiers

After surviving a massacre in Malmedy, a location behind the German army in Europe, four American soldiers with only one weapon rescue the British pilot Oberon Winley (Kirby Heyborn) in a tree and they move together, trying to reach the allied forces and save a great number of allied soldiers from a German attack with the information got by Winley in his flight. While marching, each soldier discloses inner secrets to the rest of the group.


This suspense thriller unfolds as the audience is introduced to David Dunn. Not only is he the sole survivor of a horrific train-crash that killed 131 people he doesn't have a scratch on him. Elijah Price is an obscure character who approaches Dunn with a seemingly far fetched theory behind it all.


Twenty-year-old Sang Eun is developmentally delayed and thinks like a 7-year-old. She spends her days making intricate origami designs and dreaming of marrying her Prince Charming, just like in the books she reads. Her mother dotes on her and tries to do everything in her power to shield her from harm. But Sang Eun begins to experience adult emotions when she falls in love with a police officer. How much longer can Sang Eun’s mother continue to protect her daughter?

A Perfect Match

Kim Hyo Jin works at a Korean dating service, and she is very good at finding people their perfect match. Her own personal life, however, is not so perfect. She keeps a photo of an invented “boyfriend” on her desk to discourage nosy questions and hangs out in her off hours with a group of misfit friends who are all searching for their Mr. Right. When she gets a new client, the disorganized and awkward Park Hyeon Su, will her matchmaking skills be put to the ultimate test?

Young and Dangerous

Nam opens a bar in Wanchai and continues his rise in Hong Kong's Hung Hing gang. His best friend, Chicken, needs to lie low, so he's sent to Taiwan to work for Lui, leader of the San Luen gang; there, he falls for the aging Lui's mistress, Ting Yiu. When Chicken returns to Hong Kong, he finds Nam in a struggle with long time rival, Fai Fat. Then, Lui shows up, demanding that Hung Hing sell him a half interest in their new Macau casino. When Chiang, the Hung Hing boss, wants to think about it, Lui threatens war, Chicken must choose sides, and Ting Yui sets up a meeting. Chicken's affections, Fai and Nam's rivalry, Lui's greed, and Ting's intentions are on a collision course.

Ghost House

Park Pil-gi’s family has never owned a house for three generations. They have to live in a rented room all their lives. Quite understandably, his father’s will at his death bed was ‘get your own house,’ which became Pil-gi’s goal in life. He works at a shipyard by day and as part-time chauffeur by night. After 10 years he finally manages to buy a two-storey house near the beach in Geoje-do, with some loans and mortgage. On the day he moves in, he shouts “Father… I did it! I bought my own house!” But his joy soon turns to fear. A knife flies toward him, the actor on TV suddenly shouts at him to leave the house, and even crawls out of the screen.…

My Juan En Only

The film is about the [mis]adventures of Juan (Dolphy), a rich, albeit uneducated provinsyano, as he tries to win the heart of Akang (Charo Santos), a pretty barrio lass who struggles to make a living as a dressmaker.

24/7 In Love

Jane (Kathryn Bernardo), a die-hard fan, wants to win tickets to Billy Fernandez's (Daniel Padilla) concert. To do this she must answer the question, "What would you do if it was the end of the world?" In search for this answer she meets different people with different love stories: a 40-year old virgin named Virgie (Pokwang) who meets a gigolo named Charles (Sam Milby); a hopeless romantic secretary, Barbara (Maja Salvador) who is helping her boss, Ken (Diether Ocampo) with "personal issues"; Verna (Angelica Panganiban) who falls in love with a waiter named Elvis (John Lloyd Cruz) in Vietnam; Belle (Bea Alonzo) who is in love with her gay best-friend, Butch (Zanjoe Marudo), an active-executive; Jomar (Zaijan Jaranilla) who is trying to court Ayie (Xyriel Manabat) with the help of a 35 year old mentally-challenged man named Pipoy (Piolo Pascual); Patty (Kim Chiu) who traces her first love, Alvin (Gerald Anderson) to become a model for her company.

Segunda Mano

As the film begins, we see Owen (Rico Blanco) and Mariella (Angelica Panganiban) are fighting in a car by a lake. It appears that Owen has left his wife to be with Mariella, and is angry that Mariella is not willing to make the same sacrifice. The fight turns violent, and Owen has hit Mariella through the car window. Mariella tries to escape from the car, and the scene cuts to flashback.

We see Mariella telling her husband, Ivan (Dingdong Dantes), that her best friend, Samantha (Bettina Carlos) needs company and she drives off into the night. Later that evening, their daughter Angel (Sofia Villarama) comes to Ivan looking for her mother, and Ivan tells Angel that her mother has gone away.There is a car that passes by in the area where a bloody Mariella is looking for help, in the middle of a rainstorm. The driver and his passenger are singing Christmas carols in the car, Mariella knows she is dead.

Playful Kiss

A clumsy high school girl named Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) who was in the bottom of her class has had a crush on a popular and genius male student, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun-joong) ever since she laid eyes on him on the first day of high school. Ha Ni decided to confess through a letter, but is rejected rudely by Seung Jo, who tells her that he hates stupid girls and returns the letter having corrected all of her mistakes.

Take Off


 In an effort to bring the 2002 Winter Olympics to the small town of Muju, the national Olympic committee decides to form a national ski jump team. It tasks Coach Bang Jung Sam to recruit members for the new team in a sport that most Koreans have never heard of. The five men he assembles is a mish-mash of misfits that includes junior Alpine ski champion Bob James, a Korean adoptee who returned to Korea to find his birth mother. Despite a lack of support, the team exemplifies the Olympic spirit.